QKD is the one technology that can address the issue of long-term security. It provides a way of creating and sharing secret keys that are necessary for cryptographic protocols. QKD is the most secure method of distributing information between two parties located at ground stations, spacecraft or aircraft.

To do this, quantum encryption relies on the what was once seen as the problem of quantum systems; if you “look” at them, or disturb them in any way, you “break” the quantum characteristics and contaminate the key.

Quantum encryption, therefore, is unbreakable as it depends on a law of nature instead of the processing power of a computer.

Space QKD

Space QKD

Space QKD leads to a lower loss compared to ground-based photon distribution via atmospheric or fiber-optic links. Therefore, satellites are one of the best methods to achieve quantum communication globally.

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Terrestrial QKD

Terrestrial QKD

Terrestrial quantum communication through fibers has its delicacies. Loss mechanisms and how to deal with the buried optical fiber strain’s instabilities require our detailed understanding of the field’s specialties.

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